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Phishing/BEC Awareness + Internal Controls and Processes = More Effective.

Use authentication techniques, internal controls and processes that will stop phishing and business email compromise attempts from being processed.

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Vendor Master files have always been the base of the Procure to Pay process, but in today's reality of cyber-attacks and fraud, it is now getting the attention it deserves.  Whether you have no clearly defined process, a paper/electronic form or a  vendor self-registration portal, vendor setup and maintenance processes can be improved to reduce the potential for fraud in the vendor master file. Real Vendors.

  • AP System/ERP Agnostic

  • Authentication Techniques, Internal Controls & Best Practices

  • From Manual Process to Self-Registration Portal and Every Level in Between

  • Online Training for You and Each Team Member in 90 Minutes

  • Get the AUTHENTICATION eGuide to Implement Authentication Techniques

  • Get the full eGuide and Implement Processes Today

  • Get the Toolkit to ReDesign Your Vendor Setup & Maintence Process

  • OnSite/WebEx Training & Implementation Services Available

The Vendor Maintenance Team is the New Frontline for Fraud Protection in Accounts Payable

Training to Protect The Vendor Master File From Fraud


Revitalize your Vendor Maintenance processes to protect your company against regulatory fines and prepare your team for today’s cybercriminals.  Implement authentication techniques, internal controls and best practices to reduce the potential for internal and external fraud.

  • Authentication - Fraudulent vendor sources will not be processed.

  • Validation - Vendors entered into your Vendor Master File will be real.

  • Management - Your company will maintain a clean Vendor Master File.

What You Get in this 90 Minute eCourse:

  • 5 Authentication Techniques

  • 12 Vendor Master Internal Controls

  • 13+ Vendor Master Best Practices

  • 8 Step Process for Vendor Clean Up

  • 5 Step Process for Mergers & Acquisitions into your Vendor Master File

  • Access for 365 Days

  • 96 Lessons

Protect the Vendor Master File From Fraud - One Employee at a time